Even with a horrible headache I forced myself to go weigh in.  I was dreading it as the last few days I have stayed hungry.  Even a few minutes ago I found myself sticking my hand in an Animal Cracker bag and relishing the taste of sweet goodness!  Fortunately, I had enough self control to stop after a few …dozen….  :)  Only kidding on that part, but did eat a few more than I should have.

My personal goal has been to lose at least 2lbs each week; I didn’t make it.  I lost a pound and a half.  I know, any loss is better than a gain; I just yearn to get this weight off.  I want to be able to walk and not get tired, to run and not faint from exhaustion, to be able to slide down a slide with my kids and not get stuck! 

I can tell I am getting tired of my salad’s.  I only had 2 this last week; which is probably why I didn’t do well.  I was eating a salad at lunch and dinner of every meal. 

After my weigh in, I just wanted to gorge; go through a drive-through and get the biggest, fattest, juiciest burger I could get; thank the Lord we are broke or I probably would have!

Enough of a pitty party; have to boost myself back up and go on from here.

My head is really hurting and I’m just not feeling well.  Have been in bed all day.

Here’s to a better rest of the day,