I blogged last Wednesday about my week 4 weight loss; but I am a visual person.  While I can not tell the difference in the mirror, or even in the photos, I wanted something to see, so Kayla helped me by taking a picture for me this morning. 

I am wearing the same outfit that I wore at Easter of 2010.

Easter 2010 (53) 

Easter 2010

I was not even at my biggest then, but it was the most recent picture I had. 

15 pounds and 4 weeks britches

Today (Sunday , 4 days after my 4 week weigh in)

No, I’m not pregnant!  I know, it’s bad.  And I wasn’t even going to post the one with the britches pulled away; but this is for me as well for anybody else that is out there and reading this and struggling with weight loss.  If I can’t be real to myself, then who can I be real with?  Right?!

The pictures aren’t the greatest, they were taken with my phone.  Again, I can’t see the difference right now, but in another 15 pounds I will take another picture.  Now that the first month is over, I’m sure it will drop to about 2 lbs a week, maybe even a pound … we’ll see. 

I still haven’t started exercising yet.  I know it is much better for me; I know I will feel better once I get started; right now I just can’t deal with it.  Right now, I’m dealing with the eating and gorging and getting to the root of what has taken me from alcohol & drugs to food.  One step at a time, sometimes one meal or snack at a time.  And I’m OK with that. 🙂