I had my Weight Watchers weigh in today. I was a little anxious because Chris and I had gone to Hemmingway’s for our anniversary this past Friday night. While I did good with my dinner and portions, when I saw their Key Lime Pie … oh my! Chris ordered one and lets just say it was better than I could have imagined! PLUS it was so big, Chris and I couldn’t even finish it (and that’s sayin’ something!).

Other than that, I really didn’t stray, but you never know, you know?!

I stepped on the scales (I wear the same thing every week so I don’t have any reason to make excuses if I have a weight gain), and when the lady’s eyes got wide, and a smile came across her face I knew I had at least lost a pound! Imagine my surprise when she told me I had lost 5 more pounds!!! I just couldn’t believe it. Not only did I lose 5lbs; in 4 weeks I met my first goal of 5% weight loss, which was 13lbs. As of today, I have lost 15lbs! It seems like just yesterday I started on this journey, and while I can not see a difference in my appearance, or even in my clothes, I can see it on the scales. For that I am so thankful.

So, until next weeks weigh in . . . . . . . .