Have you ever heard of Millard and Linda Fuller?


Prior to applying for a Habitat For Humanity home, I never had. In fact, I went through almost the entire application process before knowing who they were.

Did you know Habitat for Humanity is a Christ-Centered program?

I didn’t know that either. I was shocked.

In fact, I was so touched by the story of Millard and Linda Fuller, that I’ve researched them.

A brief history….

Millard Fuller was more interested in money than his wife. They were millionaires. His wife left him. After a brief separation and “spiritual guidance,” the two were reunited.

Millard and Linda Fuller sold everything they had and started a new journey together.

If you are interested in reading “the rest of the story,” you can visit this link: Millard and Linda Fuller.

Since making it through the approval process, i have been approached by many people regarding the “assumption” of what it means to be approved for a Habitat for Humanity home.

This is not a FREE home; do not be deceived.

A deposit is required of $500, “sweat equity” totally 200 hours is required, and a mortgage is paid as well as insurance and property taxes.

The monthly mortgage amount is $450. This amount includes the property taxes and the insurance. The loan is interest free. Many of the items are donated, to include labor.

One thing I have read that has bothered me is, and it is probably my own misinterpretation, but it is stated in the above referenced article that these home were/are built for the “poor” and down and out. I do not consider myself nor my family to be poor. Based on the “American Guidelines” and obviously Habitat’s, we are; yet we have so much more than some will ever have. Do I dream of having more; absolutely. My list of dreams and desires includes property with a rolling creek and farm animals, my own restaurant to feed people (and the homeless), and … hmmmm, well, as you can see, I have big dreams, but when I looked up the following statistics, that 1.6 billion people — a quarter of humanity — live without electricity, my dreams seem to take a back seat. How can i have or “desire” to have so much when my neighbor (so to speak) has not?! I don’t recall ever going to bed hungry, at least not because I didn’t have food. My kids are all clothed and have toys; but those things are not what is important.

The Bible says if we gain the whole world, yet lose our soul, we have nothing. That, in my opinion, is being poor.