We’ve been going through the process of approval for a house since February.  There are several stages of the process.  The final process was yesterday when the Selection Committee presented our family before the Board of Trustees.  I thought the meeting was last night, so you can imagine my surprise when I received a phone call mid afternoon informing us that we have been approved!!

*Sigh*  It has been a long process, but very easy.  I have been researching Habitat and their ministry.  I had no idea this organization was Christ centered!

It will take several months, up to 18 months to find a lot big enough for a 5 bedroom house. 

I am praying the Lord will make a way for us to be able to stay on the property we are in.

I have much to do today. 

Please continue praying for us as we travel through the process of finding a lot and building a home!