Yesterday was day 7 of Weight Watchers.  I have worked hard on watching EVERYTHING I put in my mouth.  I even bought some scales from Wal-Mart to weigh my portions.  I couldn’t see spending $40 on a scale that was stamped Weight Watchers when I could get one for $16 at Wally-World.  It serves the purpose and I am proud of my savings.

However, I am not proud of my weigh in yesterday.  After all the water I drank, all the points I counted, all the food measurements I made, I only lost 4lbs!  I thought I’d cry .  I thought for sure I’d hit AT LEAST the 5lbs mark, but i didn’t. 

This week, week 2, I am supposed to add exercise.  Hmph.  Right.  With the disc degeneration in my lower back and carrying all this weight, it causes excruciation pain for me to walk.  Our church has a wonderful gym facility that members can use for FREE and I LOVE the elliptical machines that are in there; I just don’t know when I can get there… or maybe that is my excuse.  I’m not sure.  I just know after working hard all week, with little results, makes me mad. 

With all that said, and I am sorry for being negative, I was just hoping for a GREAT jump start.  I guess I set my standards too high. 

I sure would appreciate your prayers this week.  I am making better choices; I did try something new, a Mango.  It was good.  Weight Watchers encourages us to try something new each week.  I also set a personal goal to not have any cokes this week; I succeeded in that area too.  I did sip on a Sprite Zero a couple times; but I can live with that.

Again, sorry for being negative.  I guess any step in the right direction is better than no step at all?

Time for my breakfast, to get the bed made and clean up after being gone all day Wednesday.

Have a FABULOUS Thursday!