It’s Tuesday, July 20, 2010.  I am on day six of Weight Watchers.  I confessed the dread of not wanting to do this last Thursday; was down right mad to be honest. I had a horrible headache the first three days.  Every time my tummy growled I got madder; until, Saturday, my tummy didn’t growl quite so much.  I have bought fruit and put in a bowl on the table, some in the fridge too, so I won’t be so quick to put junk in my mouth.  Even with my favorite ice cream in the freezer, cookies and Doritos, I’ve been OK.  There’s even been Coca Cola in the house and I haven’t had any!  That is huge in itself, in fact my goal for this week was to not drink any coke or sweet tea.  So far, so good!  Another thing weight watchers encourages, is to try something new every week.  I never did that before.  I’ve had my first experience with a Mango.  I like it.  I tried peeling it the way the direction on the box said to, man I butchered it!  

Easter 2010 (53)

This is a picture from Easter, 2010.  I have actually gained more weight sense this picture was taken; I have another set of pictures I am looking for and will post it once I find it.  I am a visual person, seeing numbers doesn’t do me as much good as seeing the proof visually.

I weigh in tomorrow.  I have to have lost weight for as little as I am eating.  The only thing I don’t like about the meeting on Wednesday’s is that it is in the middle of the day.

I’ll update tomorrow.