ANEW Emulsions

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Check out Avon’s latest anti-aging breakthrough!!

ANEW Emulsion! Take the 14-day ANEW Emulsions challenge—look up to 5 years younger in just 14 days! YOU DON’T PAY FOR IT UNLESS YOU KEEP IT! You have NOTHING to lose!

Q: What separates ANEW Emulsions from current ANEW creams?
A: ANEW Rejuvenate Night Sapphire Emulsion, Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion and Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion are intensive, time-transcending, extra-nourishing night moisturizers. These gel formulas are fortified with a powerful polypeptide complex and visibly repair early, moderate or advanced signs of aging.

Q: What is the difference between each of the Emulsions?
A: As with many of our ANEW products, we have tailored certain formulas for specific signs of aging. Rejuvenate Night Sapphire Emulsion goes hand-in-hand with other Rejuvenate products for women with early signs of aging. Similarly, Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion is for those with moderate signs of aging, and Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion works for the advanced signs of aging.

Q: What can Customers expect ANEW Emulsions to do?
A: When Customers take the 14-day ANEW Emulsions challenge, they can expect to see results on the first day of use. And, by day 14, skin looks up to 5 years younger.

Q: What other ANEW products can Customers use with Emulsions?
A: IF you to take advantage of the dual-purchase opportunity available in the C-16 Brochure. With any purchase of Night Sapphire Emulsion, Night Sterling Emulsion or Night Gold Emulsion, Customers will receive the corresponding day cream

Q: How do ANEW Emulsions differ from night creams?
A: When Customers use Emulsions instead of their usual night creams, they’ll receive an extra boost of moisture due to the unique formula featured in each one. That boost is especially great for the summer months, when skin is extra dry due to overexposure to the sun.

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