I have been going crazy to do a give-a-way, so instead of waiting for the 4th of July, or even for July 25th (6 month countdown to Christmas), I decided to go ahead and have one … just because!

AVON has a BRAND NEW product coming out in Campaign 17, I bet you can guess what it’s called… 🙂 Yeap, Advanced Techniques Lotus Shield. It stops frizz in its tracks! I am giving away a 1 week supply!

So, if you have absolutely the worse UNRULY hair, frizzy hair, live in a high humidity area, then I need you to enter this give-a-way! I need your honest feedback on this product, even if you don’t like it. OK!

All you have to do is leave your name with your email address in the comment section OF MY BLOG. YES, on my BLOG, not on my facebook page!

IF you do not have a blog,after you click the word “comment,” all you have to do is click “anonymous.” IF YOU CLICK ANONYMOUS AND DON’T PUT YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS IN THERE, THEN I WON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I know that seems elementary, but you’d be surprised 🙂

Lets see, it is 8:31 P.M. Central Time. I’m going to close this out on Thursday night at 8:31 P.M. Central Time.

The winner will be announced Friday morning!

Lotus Shield