On Friday, July 1st, our family has a meeting with the selection meeting for Habitat for Humanity.

This is the final meeting before the recommendation (or denial) before the board.

Now, there are several areas of prayer:

One would be that if this is what the Lord wants for us, then it would be so.

Two, please pray specifically for Christopher. By the time evening we are meeting he has no medication in his system and it is too early to give him his night time medications.

Three, Kaitlyn has developed a fear of strangers.

Four, we have one car, it barely fits the five of us, moreless six ….. (that’s the least of my concerns though cause I have a list of ya’ll I will be calling to help us out šŸ˜‰

Five, please just pray for our family. We have really been under the missiles lately, well, seems like for the last couple years to be honest with you, and quiet frank ….. I am weary and tired.

I will, of course, update as soon as we know something. I do not know if there will be a meeting with the board this same evening, or if it is a different night.