I’ve struggled with sharing something very special that happened in my life last month because I didn’t want to seem proud or boastful, so I kept it to myself, until recently. I shared it with and friend and she said, to explain it the way it all happened, and anybody reading this, that knows me, that knows my heart, will know that I am not sharing this to be prideful, but thankful.

I started selling AVON in April 2009; that’s right, just over one year ago. In less than a year I made President’s Club (sales totaling $10,100).

I did not start selling AVON to set records, reach goals, or become anything to anybody. I started selling AVON because I needed an excuse to have a life outside my home. I know that seems shallow, and I’m sure some of you are probably reading this and thinking, “You got married and had those kids, they are your life so suck it up.” Well, that’s just fine and dandy, and you are right; with that said, I had closed everyone out of my life, and it was beginning to affect my spiritual life. I found myself yearning for a drink to try figuring a way to get through. I had to do something.

I looked seriously into selling three things, AVON, Tupperware, and Mary Kay. I couldn’t afford the Mary Kay kit and didn’t have the energy to build a clientele with Mary Kay so I struck that one out first. The next one to go was Tupperware. What made AVON so appealing to me was I have always heard, “AVON sells itself!” Then when I found out the start up cost was only $10! Hello! That’s all it took! I was ready to sign up.

I knew absolutely nothing about AVON at all when I started selling. I had to teach myself, and AVON offers free training online to all AVON Representatives. I bought samples. I started using their products. I found what worked for me and used what I liked. Then I got my daughter using them, and so forth.

Several months ago, I started asking myself, I guess telling myself, “Lord, I am not doing anything for you anymore. I’m not teaching. I’m not attending any more Most Excellent Way meetings….. what good am I doing for you?” I mentioned my concern to my husband. He felt my plate was full with my family and helping with my mom-in-love (this was even before she moved in with us). I said, “OK,” and left it at that. Shortly after I started praying, “Lord, please let my AVON business be my ministry. I pray you will let me touch lives throughout the world with AVON and that this will be my doorway in.” He is doing just that ya’ll. He is honoring that prayer. AVON is my ministry. In fact, with as many customer’s as I have, and making P.C., I took a loss on my taxes last year. Why? I gave so much away to people that didn’t have. Do you know how rewarding it is to bless someone in the name of Jesus that can’t do for themselves?

I love my AVON family, customer’s and representative’s alike. With that said, that’s what this post is about….. The Spirit of AVON Award.

At our yearly President’s Club Recognition Luncheon, many awards were given out. It was a fun time for all of us.

As Earl was reading, Earl is the Southeast District Manager, the description of the Spirit of AVON Award, my eyes swelled up with tears as my heart yearned for that to one day be me…. that one day the Lord would honor that prayer and let me touch the lives, to one day find me worthy and use me to bless others … that He would give me a chance to share the testimony of His love ….. His grace …… His mercy….. by saying, “Ding Dong, AVON calling!”

Well, you can imagine the surprise, when Earl called the name, “Stacey Paden of District 1275!” If any of you know me, you know I am not often speechless, but ya’ll, I was not only speechless, I was shaking. I think my heart had crawled up my throat and there was a lump the size of Texas in there!

The Spirit of AVON Award is a special award as it is the ONLY award NOT merited by sales. It is merited by service and honor. WHOA. The Lord granted a heart’s desire within moment’s of a silent prayer…. how amazing is that!

I’ve scanned my certificate. I don’t have a picture of me with my trophy. I don’t know if you can even read the certificate, but I just really wanted to share this special memory and occasion with ya’ll.

I pray the Lord will continue to use me each day, with each person’s He allows my path to cross, in order to bless them and to be Jesus to them.

Thanks for letting me share. You know, my only wish is that I had opened up and shared this earlier as my grandmother would have known about it too.