I missed a Mother’s Day Give-A-Way…. had sooo much going on in life, so will hopefully make it up to you here today.

I am giving away three different items.

Two of our men’s colognes, Mesmerize and Patrick Dempsey 2! With each of the men’s colognes you also get one of Pastor Traylor’s books, “A Compass, a Map, and a Passport.”

Now, I doubt there are any men that read my blog, but IF you are reading this, MEN, it is YOUR responsibility to lead your family in the way of the Lord. I pray, oh how I pray, that IF you do not know the Lord as your personal Lord and Savior, that you would trust Him today. What a Glorious Father’s Day it would be!

To clarify, the compass book will go with each cologne. I’ll write each name and put them in a bowl. Chris will draw the names. We’ll draw the names on Wednesday at noon, so you’ll have until then to enter. Please feel free to share this with your friends.

AND, the third item…. it is for the momma, the momma that is mom and dad to her babies. The mom that gets up before the sun, the mom who has to love and discipline, the one who has to be all things to the children in her home. You are a remarkable woman and on this upcoming Father’s Day, I honor you as well. Why am I so sensitive to single momma’s? Because I was one for nearly 11 years. It is hard. Very hard. For several years my mom would send me a Father’s Day card on Father’s Day. It wasn’t until then that I became aware of what a remarkable responsible was on my shoulders.
The set I am giving away for the single mom is the white set below. I tried to find an individual picture of it, but couldn’t find one.

Thanks for entering this give-a-way!
Remember, deadline to enter is NOON WEDNESDAY!!