I have to tell you how God worked; Friday I posted ‘How Great Thou Art’.

It had been on my heart and how important it was, and is, for me to praise God, even when I hurt.

I knew Amazing Grace would be played because since I was a little girl it was always her favorite song. I didn’t know what else would be sung.

Saturday I asked my cousin if she knew, she thought it was ‘How Great Thou Art,’ but she wasn’t sure.

My thought, ‘hhmmm, Lord, thank you for preparing my heart.’

The hymn sung Monday at my Mammow’s funeral was ‘How Great Thou Art.’ Just one more confirmation that the Lord is in control of all things.

I am so thankful.

The version I posted below of How Great Thou Art is below.

In order to listen to it, scroll down and turn off my music player, then click the link below.

How Great Thou Art