As of today, our hopes for Christopher attending a "normal" elementary school has been destroyed. After weeks of disruptive behavior, and the past two days being so bad, his teacher can not continue her recommendation for him to attend Kindergarten at Ferry Pass.

It’s been an emotional day.

I know my Christopher is a precious child. I know that God has a MIGHTY plan for my Christopher.

I have left word with his pediatrician. I have an ache in the pit of my gut.

After investigating and looking into some of the centers we have been referred to, visited and waited for hours upon hours to get in, we find that they are simply revolving prescription cabinets.

The one doctor that keeps getting referred to us is a doctor in Destin. I have no problem driving to Destin, it’s the fact that this doctor does not accept any insurance at all, moreless Medicaid and her initial consultation is $250 with a weekly follow up of $75!
Since Christopher has been off the Tenex and put on another sleep aid, he has been sleeping pretty good. With that said, his tics are back and more noticeable.

It’s a vicious cycle. I wish I fix this, I just don’t know how.