A Child’s Innocence

Christopher and I pray every morning before he gets on the bus for school.  He’s never questioned why, until this morning

I said, “Christopher, come quickly so we can do prayer, the bus will be here soon,”  Christopher, “Why do we  need to pray?”  I said, “Because Jesus loves you so much Christopher and praying is when we get to talk to Him.  Isn’t that special?!”  Christopher, “Why?”  Me, “Because God sent Jesus to die on a cross for you Christopher, so that one day, you can live with Him forever!  Isn’t that cool!”  Christopher, “Yeah!”

Oh I love the innocence of a child’s youth. 

“God I praise you for the day my Christopher comes to know you as his personal Lord and Savoir and thank you for the questions being asked by Christopher and Kaitlyn.  So be it and Amen.”

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