Been thinkin’ today. 

I didn’t go to church for Easter for several years.  The reason I stopped going was because I would get aggravated with all the people cramming into church that never showed up any other time.  Christmas was a struggle for a long time too.  All these people would come in, take the seats of the faithful…(yes, I really thought this), put on their perfect face, their perfect clothes, and showed up with their perfect family…man I hated that.  I never could measure up.  I still can’t.  In fact, I stopped buying “Easter outfits” several years ago because I didn’t want to be associated with “those people.” 

Last year I went to our Saturday evening service.  While the music was great… preaching was fantastic, it didn’t seem like Easter. 

This year, I went to our 11 a.m. service, which is the normal hour my family usually attends.

I found myself falling into the same thinking as years past, but fortunately, I didn’t give in.

What I’ve learned is Easter is in celebration of a risen Savoir MY risen Savoir.  He died with me on His mind.  He rose again giving hope for the hopeless.  Through Him, I have eternal life. 

I even struggled today with taking pictures of the family for Easter.  I think of so many families that get dressed up once or twice a year and take those pictures… and I didn’t want to even be thought of someone that does that. 

It is in my opinion, my conviction, that if a person loves Jesus, then they will meet with other believers.  Every person that confesses Jesus as Lord needs to be sitting under a man of God, needs to be in a Sunday School class where they can get one on one discipleship and fellowship.  I know there are times a person just can’t be in church.  There are also times the Lord might direct a person to do an act of service, or even have a day of rest on a Sunday, or maybe one’s health keeps them from coming and they must watch by T.V or internet, or listen by radio, BUT, I do not believe it is the Lord’s will for one to miss week after week after week just because they want to lay out, or sleep in. 

With that said, I went through a season of six months where I missed church.  I was angry at God for allowing certain circumstances to come at us.  That is no excuse though.  I did not grow at all during that time frame and I had to come to terms with those circumstances and the anger I held within.  While I still might not understand, I do know that God can use any circumstance and bring it for His glory.

Today, I made a choice to not let the actions of others, impact my actions.