My kids sang with the children’s choir at church last Sunday night. Chris has been slammed and hasn’t been able to download it. He worked on it in stages; and it really isn’t doing very good on the youtube clip, so he is going to try something else tomorrow; nonetheless, I had to post it and brag on my kids.

The clip is about 9 minutes long. It includes singing two songs in rehearsal and then singing two songs in “Big Church.”

The practice is funny, but if you can get through and watch the actual performance, I think you will get a good laugh. My poor Christopher, I just adore him. He is so nervous that his tics started showing; but then….he saw his sweet, sweet friend Nicholas! THEN Kaitlyn saw Nicholas! They both were going nuts!

During the actual performance, Kayla then decides to start showing off her moves and dancing on the stage. Sigh…. what’s a mom to do? She loves to sing and she loves to dance! She walks around singing all day… instead of talking to me, she sings to me. She gets her microphone out and sings all over the place. There is no shame. She sings in Sam’s. She sings in Wal-Mart, FoodWorld, to the check out lady’s…. anybody that will listen. She is definitely my free spirited child. I knew that at birth. Funny how that stuck with her.

Kayla is at an audition tonight for a couple plays. When she met with IZON last week, they were really surprised she wasn’t interested in acting as her cold read was really, really good! I’m glad, thanks to the encouragement of a friend, that she is trying.

I do hope you will watch the clip of the kids. You will need to scroll down, pause the music I have playing, then scroll back up under video clips. There are several clips on there, the one you will be looking for is the one with the kids holding their hands over their heads.