Christopher has had three good days; until today. His teacher said he could not be still today. After school he went to a friend’s house… he took off out the door. I dreadfully took him to t-ball practice. The entire time Christopher was running, jumping, swinging bats, throwing balls… he could not be still for nothing. But that’s not the bad part. It’s when I reached out and grabbed Christopher to keep him off the Ten Commandments monument, he freaked. I’m not sure if it was him wanting to do what he wanted to do, or if I triggered the sensory disorder by grabbing him…. maybe a combination of both. What I do know is I popped him on his bum a few times and should not have, at least not at that moment. I was mad, embarrassed, ashamed…. hurting over frustration of not knowing what is going on with my son…. just a whirl wind of emotions. Then my youngest child, seeing my hand occupied with toting around my 52lb son, decides to get in the score keepers booth! I told her repeatedly to get out… she grins and runs inside the booth. Oh heaven…. what is going on?! I’m not sure what is exactly going on in my little man’s brain, but here is what I do know. Ephesians 3:20 – 21 tells me that He is able to do more than I could even ask or think…. His plans for my Christopher is bigger than I could even ask or think. I praise Him for that!

On a totally different note, one of the grandmother’s on my son’s team addressed a safety concern. The concern is that there were several kids swinging bats, possibly causing a dangerous situation. Whoever is supposed to be the assistant coach has not shown up in two weeks. There are 4 kids on the team with the diagnosis ADHD. I know my son is diagnosed with impulsive ADHD…. that alone is a nightmare. Chris being the only adult on the field, he has his hands full. I attempted to help this afternoon as I could see the frustration mounting. I ended up asking one of the dad’s if he knew anything about t-ball, he said, "I can heard goats!" I told him he would do great! Shortly after another dad stepped up and helped. For that I am thankful. I explain all that because this grandmother, instead of helping out, decided to criticize. I’d just like to ask, that if one of your kids are playing on a team, instead of criticizing, how about stepping up to the plate and lend a helping hand. My husband, along with many other coaches, work all day, then go to the ball field to spend time helping and teaching kids a sport. He doesn’t get paid for it, at least not here on earth he doesn’t, he doesn’t ask for recognition, he gets hit with bats, balls thrown at him and is always the last to leave the field after cleaning up the gear. This experience for your kids, and the coach, is supposed to be enjoyable! Encourage your kid’s coach today, thank him or her for their part in teaching your child, and for goodness sake, if you see a coach struggling to keep the kids together and there is no helper out there, STEP UP TO THE PLATE! Help out. Teach our kids what sportsmanship and teamwork is all about.
So there, now I’m off my soap box. 🙂