Good morning,

Quick run down on some things…. for several weeks now Christopher’s medications have not been working.  For those of you who do not know, last year, after months of testing, Christopher was diagnosed with severe (extreme is what they called it) ADHD; OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Sensory Disorder, Torette Syndrome and Anxiety.

He has been taking Ritalin for the ADHD, Prozac for the anxiety, Tenex for the Tourette’s, and Melatonin to help him sleep.

A few months ago Christopher stopped sleeping.  Sure, he would sleep sporadically through the night, but never more than an hour at at time.  Recently Christopher was taken off the Tenex and given a different night time medication to help him sleep, plus increasing the dose of Melatonin.  Finally he is able to rest.  We felt surely this would take care of the extreme behavior he was experiencing; but it did not.

Christopher darted away from me a few weeks ago.  If Kayla had not been with me I wouldn’t have been able to catch him.  We were in a public parking garage… if he had gotten away, I can’t imagine what would have happened.

The doctor increased his Ritalin, still no positive change.

Five days ago the doctor changed took him off Ritalin and put him on Concerta.  Since then he took off from his teacher at school, and most recently, yesterday, threw three extreme fits trying to get away. 

Christopher is a strong willed child, telling a strong willed child no is tough as it is, telling one with extreme ADHD and on a medication that is not working, it’s a nightmare.  What happens is what would be a minor temper tantrum turns into a child not able to process and even putting himself or herself in harms way.  Again, the results are not intentional because his little brain literally can’t function like it is supposed to, he freaks.  THEN, trying to hold down a child with a sensory disorder… it’s crazy.

I spoke with Christopher’s pediatrician yesterday.  One of two things need to happen she said, he either needs to see a pediatric psychologist TODAY (Monday) or she feels he needs to be admitted to the hospital as she views him as a threat to himself.  While she feels he would not intentionally hurt himself, but if he were to take off in a busy parking lot, or run and not come back…. the what if’s are a factor here. 

I  have been on the phone all morning.  Because Christopher is not an established patient with a physiologist, no one can see him right away.  After calling the Pediatric Neurologist that saw Christopher six months ago, and leaving numerous messages, I finally got a live person!  He will see Christopher tomorrow at 1:00.  My hopes are that he will help with monitoring Christopher’s medications.  I can not bear the thought of having my son admitted to the Pediatric Psyche ward  and me not be able to stay with him!  If Dr. Surbier can’t do anything for him, our option is to see a doctor in Destin.  Unfortunately he does not take insurance.  The initial consultation is $250!  Yes, you read that right.  Every follow up is $90 to $130.  Once his medications are regulated, he would only have to go once every 3 months.

I was advised to not send Christopher to school for a couple of days for fear of what could happen, or until his medications are regulated.

It seems our family has been under constant attack.  Not sure what that means exactly…we are either doing something really right or really wrong!

Our Pastor has been preaching from Ephesians; mine and Chris’s discipleship class is reading a chapter a day through Ephesians.  Most recently Ephesians 2 was reminding me that my ways are not His ways, and that I can not even imagine what all He has in store for, not only us, but for my precious Christopher.  I can’t imagine how much more He loves him that we do… it’s overwhelming.

Please continue to pray for Christopher; pray also for Chris and me, that we would be filled with knowledge and also for Kayla and Kaitlyn.  As much as we try, they too are affected by all this….. Memaw too.