Life was a rush this morning, I said, "Lord, I have so much to do, I’ll spend time with you as soon as I get back from taking kids to school and Christ to work."  I walk in the door and swap the laundry over, then say, "OK, Lord, let me get another load started…."  "Oh Lord, the sink is full of dishes, let me get that done first."  Kaitlyn says, "I’m hungry…. "  "OK Lord, let me get everything done I need to…." then the phone rings and a sick friend needs help.  The Lord  says, "I see your plans for the day Stacey, but you never asked me what my plans are you for the day."  Ouch and sigh.  Isn’t that how life always is?! 

When we don’t spend time with our Lord first thing, life and other "things," including "our own plans" have a tendency to get in the way. 

"Father forgive me for not putting you first and having my own agenda.  Give me grace for the moment and peace for the schedule.  Help me to say yes when I need to say yes and no when I need to say no.  I pray for Kayla today.  May she be a light in a dark world.  I love you Jesus.  Amen."

"**On a side note, my oldest, Kayla, that has been homeschooled for two years start adult high today to finish out her senior year!  This was a tough decision to make, but one that was needed.  With everything on my plate I was not able to do for her what she needed on an education level.  I am so proud of Kayla.  Math has ALWAYS been a huge struggle for Kayla.  In fact, when I started homeschooling her, I went back and started completely over with her.  She worked hard through sweat and definitely tears from both of us, BUT, the hard work was worth it!  She tested high enough that she is not having to take any more Math classes to finish her senior year!  In fact, she only has three classes to finish.  Today is her first day.  She can finish as early as May, or drag it out to December. 

Blessings on you and thanks for reading:)