Playing Catch-Up!

Haven’t posted lately, all five of us were sick; the kids had the worse part…H1N1.  Yeap.  The doctor said since we had the same symptoms we (Chris and I) more than likely had the same thing.  It has been crazy.  Christopher ran 103 degree fever and was sick the longest, but Kayla’ suffered with the body aches worse due to her fibromyalgia.  Crazy.  In fact, it has been so crazy I started this little paragraph two days ago and am just  now trying to to finish it up!  With that said, I sit here typing with my little man lying down next to me with a 101.5 degree fever!  He was in school for four days and now he is sick again!  He’s even coughing again.

I’ll post more another time.  Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Continuing to trust in HIM!

One thought on “Playing Catch-Up!

  1. Hey you! Missed you blogging! I have been enjoying this blogging thing. I deleted the old blogs I had because I did not like them. I started 2 new ones- check 'em out! I hope everyone feels better at your house. I feel the need for a Jen/Stacey LaHa at some point in the near future- I have a coupon 🙂


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