Have you ever seen the” Diary of a Mad Black Woman?” It is an amazing story. I was surprised when I first watched it. I’m not big on movies and reviews, couldn’t have told you who Tyler Perry was prior to even seeing this particular movie. To watch it, and have Jesus mentioned,… blew me away. In this particular movie, the “mad black woman” is beaten and abused by her wealthy lawyer husband who throws her out for another woman.

The song clip that I have attached to this post is called, “Father Can You Hear Me?” The video clip shows a little girl singing. Her mother is a drug addict. Tyler Perry plays the little girls dad; his wife is the drug addict. They are in church. The man that stands up to receive Christ is the man that abused his wife, beat her, threw her out for another. The woman that goes to stand by him is that very woman he abused.

Suddenly, there is a voice from the crowd… who is it? Ah, the drug addict momma, returning to Christ. Confessing she can not do it on her own.

I have goose bumps just typing and thinking of the movie, especially this song.

It is easy to watch this video clip and say, “ah, that only happens in movies;” but my friend, I challenge you today, it does happen in the real world.

Families are mended and restored, hearts are healed, momma’s do come back, and daddy’s too…. My Jesus, He is in the miracle and restoration process.

My question to you today is this, “Do you know Him?” He can change your life. Will you trust Him?

Oh I pray you do. I pray you do.

Watch this clip, listen to the words. There is a brief advertisement at the beginning, so just hold on few seconds.

Father Can You Hear Me?