No one ever said it was going to be easy.  Nope; not at all.  In fact, at moments I thought I was going to downright quit, yeap.  BUT, I did not succumb to the pressures of…. the Publix crowd?! 

That’s right.  Today was my first day shopping Publix with coupons, flyers, other coupons…, other lists, and more lists and oh my goodness…. a little overwhelming; nonetheless, I did it.  I even did it toting around a bored, cranky, over-active 4 year old!  AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

I am proud though, not prideful, but proud of my accomplishments.  There is a difference. 

I could have walked out of Publix paying $163.59; BUT, I walked out paying $99.69!  A savings of $63.90!!!  While I am so proud, I also know there is much work to be done.   Some might see  those figures and think, “You could have done sooo much better….”  and that’s OK.  It is a start.

Plus, I spent two hours in Publix…. That’s crazy.

All I can do is hope and pray the Lord would honor my efforts in trying to spend wisely and be frugal.  My initial goal is to save $100 a month for the first three months in my grocery bill.  Normally I spend about $600 a month, including all toiletries, clothing, food, detergents, everything.  That gives me time to learn the system and get better organized. 

I have to run in to Winn Dixie to shop their buy one get one free meat items.  We never get roast in our home, but a 2 for 1; I think I can make it happen! 

While I love Sam’s and Wal-Mart, I have to say, I think I saved more per ounce today. 

I will update as I can with my saving tactics.  I know I definitely have to have a 3 ring binder to hold all the advertisements instead of a folder.  Another friend also recommended using the clear plastic baseball card sheets to put the coupons in.  There are many great ideas out there, I just have to find what works best for me.