All day Sunday I had an overwhelming sense that the Lord was speaking to me.  What was he saying? “Listen to me, hear me, know my voice.”

I added several songs on my blog yesterday.  One is a song from Mandisa, "God Speaking."  I hope you will take a few minutes and listen to the words of the song.

Just before the Pastor started preaching last night, I sensed the Lord, once again speaking…  “Listen to me, hear me, know my voice.”  I wrote down on my worship guide, “hear, listen.”  Moments later a young lady walked up to me and gave me $10 to pay for her mom’s AVON.  I dropped it in the top of my bag, with the intentions of putting it away when I sat down from singing.  When I sat down, I leaned over to put it away, but the Lord said, “no.”  Then the offering came.  Even though I knew the Lord was preparing me to give the $10, I still said, “But Lord, that’s for my AVON bill (like He didn’t know! lol).  I went ahead and put that money in the offering plate before it passed me by, knowing, He is in control and simply praying, “Lord, you know the needs at hand.” 

Then the Pastor begins preaching.  He preached from Matthew 13.  Then, he read, Matthew 13:9!  Guess what it says????  Ok, I’ll tell you, “HE WHO HAS EARS, LET HIM HEAR!!!”  Hellllloooooo!  That was another confirmation on what the Lord had been speaking to me.

I was thrilled that in the BIG scheme of things, I am important enough for the Lord to not only speak, but confirm what He was speaking to me.

A friend of mine left a gift with my husband at church yesterday morning as I was not able to attend.  After church Sunday night my husband gave me the gift.  In the card was a gift card with $40 on it!  Immediately the Lord confirmed, “I will provide, hear me.”  I heard Him speak to give, I gave, He provided.  Sounds so basic, so why can it be so difficult at times?

That same friend gave me a book called, “Bedside Blessings,” by Charles Swindoll.  I opened to the day’s date, the first two words were, “Listen carefully!”  I am so thankful for one more confirmation, for the wooing on the Father, that He loves me, and has something to share with me.

I hope you hear from the Father today.  If you don’t know Him, I pray you will know Him today.