I have heard of the Angel Food Ministries and have “wanted” to order through them many times; I guess my pride kept me from actually doing it… I don’t know.

I shared the other day that we are changing the way we spend in the Paden household. As Dave Ramsey puts it, “If you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” Every time I think I can’t be stripped any more of my pride, the Lord goes and strips more. I guess that’s the key, don’t ever think I’ve got it!”

Anyway, I found out today, when I went to the Angel Food Ministries site that you can now order online! I signed up today! It was so easy! IF you decide to give it a try, no you don’t have to meet requirements by income standards, please put my name (Stacey Paden) and/or email (thepadens@cox.net) down for the referral. Then, you need to refer to as many people as you can as you get free food for so many referrals!