Sunday after church I started feeling bad; my jaw line on one side was killing me; the lymph nodes on the jaw line and left side of my neck were enlarged, but I had no sore throat.  A few weeks ago the nodes under my arms were enlarged and very painful.  I was hurting so bad Monday I went to the doctor.  He thought it might be mono… but there is no fever, nothing that would go along with it.  I was prescribed a pretty strong antibiotic, have been on it since Monday and not any better.  Blood work was done, but I was told everything was fine.  More blood work is going to be done today.  In fact, yesterday was my first day out all week.  I imagine that is why I am paying the price today with such a bad headache. 

Life is waiting on me for now, the Christmas decorations are still up, laundry is piling high, the floors are dirty and the kitchen table, well, it’s the “collect-all” for now.  In the big scheme of things, I guess it really doesn’t matter. 

Will post in a day or two when my brain isn’t pounding.