I am starting out the new year already behind schedule.  My husband was going to help me, well, change the song on my blog for me days ago; but we have been so busy that it just keeps getting pushed “one more day.”  It will be getting changed, and I so hope this weekend!  I am pretty sure I know what song it is going to be, but there have been soooo many that have affected my walk with the Lord, my worship with the Lord, that I am having a hard time choosing!  I might see if I can find a way to make a song selection link, or something like that.

Chris stayed up reading well past midnight.  Mom gave him a gift card for Christmas to Books-A-Million.  Chris LOVES to read and doesn’t get to buy new books very often.  He has sacrificed that part of his life for me and the kids.  

Kayla went to see AVATAR, then went to down town Pensacola to watch the “Pelican Drop.”  Everything was perfect until they got lost and couldn’t find her boyfriend’s car.  Of course, that meant words being shared of frustration between she and Chris.  What a way to start off the New Year…. there has to be a way to have peace and harmony in my home, just for one day would be nice!

Kaitlyn crashed around 8ish… 🙂

Christopher was on his second round of “Tom and Jerry” when I told him he could lie in the bed with me.  (If you are wondering where I was, I had been in bed since Kaitlyn was in bed!)  Fire works woke me up at 9:50.  I was surprised Christopher was still hanging in there!  Within three minutes of him getting in the bed with me, he was out!  I was soooo hoping he would sleep in this morning; and I guess, looking at the positive side of things, he did.  Normally he is up at 6:00 a.m.; this morning he graced me with his presence at 7:30 with his sister at the same time.

There is a lot of talk about resolutions this time of year.  I, personally, do not make resolutions.  For me, it’s just one more thing for me to fail at.  Usually I have such great expectations that I end up just disappointing myself one more time.  I do, however, set goals.  Goals are important to life, not just once a year.  I am praying that the Lord would give me the courage to reach the goals He has put on my heart.  The biggest one, which I am going out on a limb of shame here to admit, but sense I am supposed to, is tithing.  I started tithing before I even got baptized.  No kidding.  I had already seen the “Hand of God” and His provisions in my life just in the few months of walking with Him (October 1998).  I tithed faithfully believing 100% that He would meet every  need, and even want I ever had.  I tithed faithfully for many years, until I got married.  It seems I took back all my faith in Him.  I have not been faithful in tithing in six years now.  Sure, I’ve given when nudged to give, even tithed a few weeks in a row, but I continue to take it back every few weeks.  Shame on me.  My goal is to be true to the Father, to not only give Him the first of  our labors, but to honor Him in the other 90%. 

During this “new year” I hope and pray you are truly blessed with knowing and sensing the presence of the Almighty Lord in your life.   I’d love to hear some of your “goals” you are setting in your life.

I’ll update once I get the song or song list on here.  Sorry again for the delay, and in case you haven’t heard it yet over the past day or two,

Happy New Year!

2 Timothy 3:12 – 17