Mandisa, Only the World! 

Mandisa, True Beauty

Mary Mary….Shackles!

More Beautiful You,  Johnny Diaz

Casting Crowns, Slow Fade (I had never seen this video before; broke my heart.  Regardless what the video speaks of, it’s all about compromise.  When we compromise with what the Bible speaks about, when we shuffle something under the rug thinking, “oh noone will know, it’s just this one time…” that’s when the devil steps in and the bondage begins.  It’s a slow fade…. one day you are on fire for Jesus, then one day, you turn around and wonder how you got to where you are now…. It’s a slow fade….)

Casting Crowns, East to West (With this song, I am free.  My friend Eddie Echarri would have loved this song.  He might have.  I can’t remember if it was out when he was still with us.  Eddie believed and taught the freedom we can have only through Christ.  I miss you Eddie.)