I currently have “Breathe” as my song of the year on my blog.  The song reflects on desperation for the Lord.  That’s the point I was at this time last year as I was praying “God, make me desperate for you.”  I can  honestly say in our times of trials, we seek Him more, pray more, and read His word more.  Oh I wish I could be to the point where I didn’t have to be put through trials to always seek Him first.  I guess I will continue to be put through that test until I pass it.

Many people pray and seek for a verse of the year to to reflect on.  While I love scripture, music holds a very special place in my heart with worship, prayer, ministering and healing.  I’ve been praying for a song to focus on throughout the coming year.  He seems to be leading me in a direction that is tough for me.  I’ll continue praying over the next few days for confirmation on the song.

I hope you were truly blessed through the Christmas season and that it will continue through the new year.

Blessings to you and your family.