I love animals.  My Kayla has that same love and passion for animals.  That’s one of the many things I love about her. 

We had to take one of our hamsters to the vet yesterday.  I know, I know…. but it was evident that something was wrong to the point of being scared. 

Hamsters pack their little cheeks so full it’s crazy!  One of the little rascals put a 2” piece of cedar in its mouth.  Unfortunately, like the rest of the Paden household children, our Waffles has put something in there and swallowed it.  Her little tummy was knotted yesterday, prompting the visit to the vet.  The vet, who is more concerned for the animal than the bill, gave us some food to feed her by a dropper.  She said we have a three day period to know if she is going to make it or not.

Even with all our efforts and love… yes, even for a hamster, it seems Waffles is dying.  She can’t even walk right now and is refusing all liquids.

It’s amazing how attached we become to things.