This morning I was reading “Turning Points” by David Jeremiah. I learned something that I had often wondered…..

“What is the purpose of a Christmas tree and what’s the big deal about putting it up?” Maybe you are reading this post and are thinking, “how can she NOT know…duh!” Well, I didn’t. So, for those of you who don’t know, and have never sought to find out the purpose…. here goes.

The Christmas Tree is an evergreen. Evergreens, unlike deciduous trees, do not lose their leaves. They never die. So, the Christmas Tree represents our eternal life with Jesus Christ! I never knew that!

I also never knew the symbolic purpose of a Holly Tree! My husband can’t stand the things, I have never really had an opinion about them, but I do now! Do you know those little red berries on the Holly Tree represent the blood of Christ?! Do you know the prickly green leaves represent the Crown of Thorns? I never even knew Holly Trees/bushes had any kind of Christmas meaning behind them at all.

So, this year, and every year after, we have something new to discuss when putting up our Christmas Tree!!

Thank you, Lord, that no matter how old, or young, you continue to teach me/us.