I’m slacking, sorry.  I was supposed to announce the winner to the give-a-way yesterday after twelve… better late than never, though, right?!

The winner for November’s Give-A-Way is……


Angela, I’ll be shooting you an email to find out where I can deliver your winnings to you.


Not sure if I will be doing any more give-a-way’s before Christmas; however, if you follow the Proverbs 31 Ministry, Karen Ehman is hosting a 12 days of Christmas Give-A-way!  She is on day two (Tuesday, December 1) today.  You will be blessed getting to know each of the ladies that are affiliated with this ministry.

Something I’ve been thinking about, praying about, and sharing with my younger children is Jesus.  I try every day to tell them that one day they will have to make a choice to have a relationship with Him.  Christopher seems to really know all the answers… he knows we celebrate Christmas in honor of Christ’s birthday, he knows we celebrate Easter because Jesus was “killed” and came back to life and he knows that Jesus died for our sins.  I wish I had that “knowledge” at five years of age!  Kaitlyn, she keeps telling us, “I don’t want to die in order to meet Jesus.”  She’s just turned 4 the beginning of November.  It’s obvious there are still many questions that will asked; however, today, she threw me for a loop.  She told me, “Mommy, I want to cut off this toe (pointing to one of her toes) so I can die and meet Jesus.”  At first I was horrified, but then I thought, while I know she is thinking of a physical death, we really do have to die to meet Jesus.  We have to die to self.  I am continuing to pray for wisdom with raising my children and sharing Christ with them.  It is so important for us, me and Chris, to be real before our kids.  Oh I pray I don’t let them down.

More another day.  It’s almost 8:00 and I am ready for bed.  Haven’t been sleeping well lately.