November Count Down To Christmas Give-A-Way

Well, Christmas is just over 30 days away. Seems hard to believe. I hope and pray that you will take the next four weeks to spend time daily reflecting the reason we celebrate Christmas.

I’m not sure I will have another give-a-way before Christmas, BUT I do have one lined up for the New Year and Valentine’s Day.This month is a hodge podge of stuff. To enter, simply leave a comment in the “comment section.” Instead of leaving just your name and email, how about sharing your favorite Christmas memory or a tradition you or your family have. Make sure you do leave an email address for me to contact you back.

2 Bath Time Body Paints for kids/Coconut Custard

1 Moisture Therapy Intensive lotion/purse size
1 Black Cherry & Nutmeg Moisturizing Shower Gel

1 Sweet Sugar Cookie Bubble Bath/24 oz size

1 Pink Paisley Cosmetic Bag
So, I hope you will enter to win. The kids or grandkids, nieces or nephews are sure to love the body paint and make GREAT stocking stuffers!
I’ll announce the winners Monday, November 30th.
Good luck!

4 thoughts on “November Count Down To Christmas Give-A-Way

  1. I am happy to hear of your blessings! God is so good!My favorite Christmas memory began when I was seven years old. My dad dressed up as Santa for my elementary school. I knew it was him but never said anything until years later. He denied it and said I was silly. When I thought I was too old for Santa, my dad dressed up again ( middle school then high school) LOL —He made so many children happy and I enjoyed it as well. Still he never would admit it was him. Many years later he passed away. One day I was in Cordova Mall as a Santa walked past me. He said "Angie, Merry Christmas, do you believe?" Taken back that he knew my name "I said I used to, but not any longer I am too old." Laughing he said " you are never too old for cheer and happiness– Merry Christmas child". I stood there as my years of Christmas with my dad flashed before my eyes. I know it was not my dad nor Santa but what he gave me that day was priceless. He gave me a memory of the greatest gift of all, love. I am thankful that as I do not have my earthy father, I do have my heavenly father. How sweet that is!Happy Holiday'sAngela Wehmeier


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