I mentioned in my last post that Christopher failed his vision screening at school. We took him to see our eye doctor. Sure enough, he did poorly on his vision test. The doctor seemed stunned that his right and left eye are not talking to each other! For me, it confirmed what the therapist said weeks earlier that his right and left brain are not working together/talking together.

We saw the Pediatric Neurologist. While he found his left side to be a little weaker than his right, he does not feel it is weak enough for something to be wrong; HOWEVER, he is ordering an MRI, EEG and extensive blood work to make sure he is isn’t missing something.

My little man has always used both hands for writing, coloring, playing. I’m anxious to see what the results show.

I’m attaching a few pictures of my handsome fella in his new glasses. I still have Halloween pics to post another time.

Christopher getting fitted for glasses video.