My little man failed his school vision test; had him seen today for a full eye exam; he is getting glasses.  Also, the doctor that saw him said his two eyes are not working together, possibly having a double vision effect.  This confirms what the specialist have said about his right brain and left brain not working together.  The doctor is hoping the glasses will help.  It is possible that one eye is trying to shut down, hence why the therapist are saying his right eye is his strong eye.  If after two months the glasses do not help, we will be sent to UAB for vision therapy.  There is only one doctor in Pensacola Blue Cross Blue Shield will not pay for it, and the doctor won’t bill Medicaid, which is his secondary.  The thought is it would be cheaper to drive to Birmingham than to see this particular doctor and have to pay cash.  The more we find out that is wrong with my little man, the more I love him.  While this breaks our hearts, I know the Great Physician, I know He makes no mistakes at all and there is a great purpose for his little life.  He is so special.

My heart is hurting for my Mammow and Pappow, I miss them and need to see them; emotions are high already because of this.  My Pappow is in the final stages of life it seems.  While I know he does not know me, it is very important for me to just see him and hug him, tell him that I love him, just one more time.  But… then I feel like that is selfish because in order for me to do that, I will be taking away from my own family financially, and time wise.  I don’t want my Pappow dying without saying those three words, “I love you.” 

I “feel” like my life is a whirl wind right now; no longer is the tornado being held at bay.  I’m trying to rest more in Him, having to tell myself over and over that “it’s not about me” and that this too shall pass.  I’m not sure why there have been so many obstacles put in our life this few months, heck years; but I pray, I believe, when we come through each of them, we, as a family will be closer, stronger and more united with the Lord than we have ever been.  For that, woohoo, I’m excited for!

Oh, on a very positive note, got GREAT news on my little man this morning from Dr. Hagerott, the Pediatric Neuro-Physciatrist he has been seeing and who tested his I.Q.  In vocabulary and use of words, even with his 15 month delay speech impairment, he scored at 114!  Normal is 90 to 104.  In every other category, he scored in the normal range!  She wants him to continue with the Occupational therapy that works with his fine motor skills, the OCD, and sensory disorder; BUT because he is so smart, she believes he needs to be in a NORMAL Kindergarten class next year!  No more ESE (developmentally delayed) classes after this year!  She thinks the reason he talks so much is because his little brain is not being stimulated enough!  She is referring him to a pediatric neurologist to do some testing to find out why and what is causing his right brain and left brain not work together.  That will take a few months to get in, so I am praying for an appointment before Christmas. 

So, lots of information today; little on overload, so gonna ice my foot and rest for a few minutes.

I can not wait to see what the Lord does with my little man’s life.  I’ve already been taught sooo much from his life of five years, just blows my mind!

Have a good one.