All I can say is I totally dropped the ball! It is 6:11 on Sunday night, and it literally just dawned on me that it was the 25th of October. I don’t know where October went, but what I do know is that I was SUPPOSED to host a Give-A-Way today counting down Christmas!

Can you believe it is only 60 days until Christmas?!

That means TWO months!

When did we leave January?!

I used to think time passed by so slow and I wanted it to hurry up all the time! Oh to go back in time and give that extra hug, to smell the roses, to cherish every moment with grandparents and great-grandparents, and even parents.

I heard it stated once that the “highway to hell was paved with good intentions.” I’ve always liked that stated until time became so precious that I don’t seem to have enough of it.

I think of my time schedule and how quickly time passes, and I wonder, “What exactly is God’s timeline?”

The Bible tells us that He knows no time, so how is that supposed to affect me? In my thoughts it means taking every opportunity to live with no regrets; that if today I took my last breath, that my husband, my kids, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and even some acquaintances, would know I loved them, that they are special, not only to me, but to Jesus. That I would have no bitterness in my heart for anyone, that I had a pure heart.

In life’s craziness, and especially with the Christmas Season quickly approaching; don’t forget the reason we celebrate Christmas… it’s about a man, that was born of a virgin named Mary. He was born in a lowly place and lived a short life of only 33 years. He was born to die. He died, carrying the weight of the world on His shoulder’s. He died for you, He died for me, and now, He reigns as King!

Oh I hope and pray that if you don’t know Him today, that you will take the time to ask Him into your heart this very moment. The Bible tells us that when one lost soul comes to know Him, that angels are rejoicing in Heaven. Wow. Isn’t that just awesome!

Oh friend, know why you celebrate what you do.

Now, for October’s Give-A-Way, I thought of feet. Since Jesus came in order to serve and He washed feet, I thought about a foot give-a-way!

I have a 3 piece Foot Works Set and a cute pink show foot file!

Berry Mint Moisturizing Foot Cream

Berry Mint Foot Soak
Berry Mint Foot Scrub

1 Pink Shoe Foot File

To enter today’s give-a-way, all you have to do is leave your name and email address in the comment section. To double your chances to win you can post a link to my blog on your facebook wall. Just email me to let me know.

Also since it’s 7:00 on Sunday night, I will not draw names until after 7:00 P.M. Monday night.

Good luck and enjoy!