For those who do not know, my oldest daughter, Kayla has moved out.  There has been little progress in getting her back home. Please continue praying for her, and us.  We, I, miss her.  She has decisions to make.  Pray for her.  We have had only 1 brief conversation in the last 48 hours.

Also, after four months of waiting, Christopher finally had his appointment with the Pediatric Neuro-psychiatrist.  She confirmed some things, but enlightened me on some things that just break my heart.

First and foremost we have to get a book called "The Out of Sync Child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz.  Gail Powell is trying to find it for me on Amazon.  IF any of you have it, I would appreciate it if we could borrow it.  She said when we read this book, we will think it was written about and for Christopher.

Second, After we read that book, we need to get and read "The Out of Sync Child Has Fun."  This book will teach us how to interact with Christopher and deal with the disorders he has.

Third, Dr. H saw the following in Christopher:

1.  He does not have ticks, but believes he suffers from Tourette Syndrome.  She believes that because ticks do not start until later…. age 6 or 7.  Tourette’s start at earlier ages.  Christopher has shown signs of what we thought were ticks since he was 3 1/2.  She witnessed what we thought were ticks this morning during our session.

2.  Dr. H says she also sees a sensory problem with Christopher.  This definitely explains why getting clothes on Christopher is very difficult.  It also explains why he hates shoes or anything tight,  it explains why when we touch him or try holding him when he is having a "melt" down, it makes it worse.  She believes these melt downs are caused by frustrations in not being able to say what he is trying so hard to say (speech delay of 2 years) and we just can’t understand him.  This makes him very angry and violent.  The melt downs are also caused by what she thinks has to do with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), which takes us to point 3….

3.  She believes he is dealing with OCD.  In his little mind, when I say we have to do this, but he is working so hard something else, his brain can not switch gears until he is completely finished with what he is working on.  So, what I thought was/were temper tantrums, was him trying to finish what he started.  Putting my hands on him to physically pick him up in the middle of him trying to complete something and take him somewhere only makes the melt downs worse.

4.  Dr. H is going to speak with Christopher’s Pediatrician about putting him on a third medication.  The third medication would keep him from pulling at his skin, fingernails and toenails.  He has sores on his lips, hands, anything he can pick at he picks at.  That could either be nervousness, a side effect of the Ritalin, or Tourettes.  The further testing will tell us.

    5.  Christopher is being referred to see an Occupation Therapist to be evaluated for the Sensory Disorder.

    6.  Christopher is also being referred to a pediatric neurologist for neurological testing.  Christopher was born with a VERY low APGAR scores.  For those who don’t know what that means, he was not breathing and was purple when he was born.  He was kept in the hospital for a week for monitoring and pneumonia.  All of this could go back to that, but, she also said some of this could be genetics as well. 

    7.  During the next 8 weeks, Christopher will also have 6 appointments with Dr. H to have his I.Q. tested (she believes he is very intelligent), and to have his Developmentally Delayed problems evaluated and a genetics study done.  That takes place in 4 of the appointments.  The other 2 are follow up and testing results.

8.  Also, immediately I am to set up a picture board for Christopher.  This will give him a visual of what we have to do on a day to day basis.  She is hoping this will prepare him for going to church on Sunday’s and to school starting Thursday.  Over the last few months he absolutely despises going anywhere without me or where there is loud noises.  Again, she is hoping by preparing him visually that it will prepare him mentally for what is to come the next day.

Now, for some of you, this is just too much information, and I am truly sorry.  The purpose of me sharing all this information is to not only ask for prayer for my family, but to pray that the Lord would meet the financial needs that come with each of these appointments and studies.  Our children are on Medicaid.  They also have BCBS through my husband’s employment.  However, none of these doctor’s accept the Medicaid.  Each co-pay is $33 and change for Dr. H.  Each specialist is also $30 AND there will also be testing co-pays.  

We are still without a vehicle.  Dr. H’s office is in Pace and the other appointments are in Gulf Breeze.  Our van is and has been at Mr. Ivey’s for over a month while we try "figuring out" how we could afford to get it fixed.  Chris has not complained one time about riding the bike to work and I am thankful for my legs and the Escambia County Transit System for being my transportation (and for Gail teaching it to me!)!  I have learned much during these last few months.  I know He has shown me I’m prideful and take for granted what I have.  He has also shown me I don’t take care of what He has given me.  I know the Lord will continue to see us through and provide for our day to day needs.  He knows what we need even before we do.  For that, I have no worries.

Thanks for the prayers.  I will keep those of you interested updated on my Kayla and Christopher.

Chris and Stacey