I went to bed last night with a Tropical Wave just off the west coast of Florida.  Katherine Daniels, of WEAR3, stated, “it is not very likely that this increase in strength AT ALL.”  Hmmm…. strange… I woke up this morning to find Tropical Storm Warnings for our area to Panama City Area….

I for one, am not prepared.  Whose to say what was supposed to be nothing doesn’t actually increase to a hurricane?  All of Florida’s tax free holiday’s have been done away with from Governor Crist.  We used to prepare for hurricane season during the tax free week to save as much money as we can.  Currently, we are very strapped, and even without a vehicle.  I find myself wondering about the folks in New Orleans.  While I still disgusted with how much news coverage they received and how they played the “pitty pot” for one to many weeks, I actually found myself thinking just the other day, “hhmmm, if a big storm came our way, what would we do?”  We don’t have a car to go, we have pets that we wouldn’t want to leave, along with a child who does not do well with change, more less staying in a shelter with a bunch of people and noise, oh my it would be horrible.  So what would we do? 

I am still convinced the reason the Lord has allowed us, or at least me, to experience this financial crunch, no vehicle, riding the bus and walking phase is to teach me a few lessons.  I really used to feel shame for the person I saw walking, running to catch a bus, or whatever the situation.  Now, each time I have to walk somewhere, or to the bus stop, I find myself saying, “Lord forgive me for being so judgmental.” 

I didn’t mean to get on that tangent, that wasn’t the purpose of this post, it was to make sure we all recognize who is really in control of the weather, of the stars, the moon, of life, and that my friend is Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  He and He alone, the ONE who breathed life from dirt….controls the universe.

Now, RIGHT NOW, turn up your speakers, listen to this song. 

STOP RIGHT NOW AND PRAISE HIM!!!!!  Sing out loud, who cares who hears; raise your hands in victory, who cares who sees, sing with all your heart to Him!  For the good times, AND the bad.  You Are God Alone