Principal Frank Lay Charged For Praying

Please take a moment to read this post from Dr. Ted Traylor of Olive Baptist Church.  Principal Frank Lay has been Charged for Praying.  His court date is in September.  Today, the same judge that is bringing criminal charges against Mr. Lay, denied the request for a jury trial. 

Please be praying for this man and his family.  Pray also for the judge.  I am praying that between now and the court hearing, that she would meet this man named Jesus.  Oh how heaven would rejoice!

2 thoughts on “Principal Frank Lay Charged For Praying

  1. Principal Frank Lay agreed in January 2009 – with his lawyer – to NOT include prayers during any school events. (This was as a result of previous incidents where he encouraged prayer from those not wanting nor willing to pray.)Why is he not a man of his word?


  2. Thank you for your comment. This was not a school event. It was a group of adults, meeting together. No children were present. Again, thank you for comment.


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