Today is mine and my husband’s six year anniversary.  I intended on posting about it this morning, but spent the day delivering AVON products since I didn’t receive my shipment until Friday. 

Prior to becoming a Christian, I had never been faithful to anyone and hurt many people.  I never stayed in one place longer than a year and moved as often as I could.  While I still struggle with staying in the same place for too long, I can honestly say I can not imagine my life without my husband. 

I am thankful for him, the children the Lord has given me (all three of them) and thankful that He saved my husband for me.

On our wedding night, by the time we FINALLY got to the hotel, we were starving!  You’d think the first thing we would have done after waiting and waiting would, well…. you know…. but nope, we ordered Steak Out and pigged out!  He was in his tux and I was still in my dress!  No lie!  We’ve never told anybody that because people would think we were nuts; but oh well…now, you know!  I tell you that because that was our plan for tonight, limited budget, no vehicle….we’ll order Steak Out and celebrate our six year anniversary that way; but, somebody, while I was out on my AVON deliveries, made other arrangements.  All I know is I am to be ready by 5:00.  Someone is coming to watch the kids (the house is a wreck… so whoever you are, you asked for it), and we are going somewhere.  Have no clue where.  I’ll have to let you know when I get home…maybe 🙂

So, it is 4:30, I have to put on my face and perfume…oh hey, AVON has a GREAT NEW PERFUME!!!  Bond Girl 007 Forever!  Ladies, it is fabulous!  I have never sprayed a perfume that has lasted all day.  No lie.  I tested it last night before going to bed (because I was checking in my AVON shipment at 9:30 last night), when I woke up this morning, it smelled even better than when I first sprayed it!  Amazing.  I have a new fave.  I would LOVE to send you a sample….don’t care where you live, I’ll send it to you.  If you like it, I’ll make it happen with little or NO shipping.  ALSO, oh my goodness!  Ya’ll, if you have not tried the ANEW Gold Emulsion, YOU HAVE TO!  It’s the most indescribable feel…soft, gentle, takes a DAB to cover your entire face!  It’s wonderful.  I have samples of that also…. don’t miss out on the two great new products.  We are also starting to get Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor.  Check out my website for more details!

OK, I really have to go cause Chris just got out of the shower!  Yikes!