Where ever you are right now, stop what you are doing, go tell your kids you love them. I don’t care if they are asleep, you go tell them. If they aren’t living with you, pick up the phone and call them. If they are somewhere you can’t call, write them a note right this minute and put it in the mail!

My house was struck by lightning today. The T.V.’s, computer’s…all that stuff can be replaced. It’s the 17 year old walking in holding a storm door that we could have lost. There was no signs of a storm, no signs of thunder… just a loud boom and bright flash instantly. She was caught in the conduction (is that the right word?) from the lightning strike. She is OK. She is home resting after being at Sacred Heart for about five hours for observation. Her left side is having muscle spasms/twitching. She is hurting and exhausted. But she is OK. She’s alive.

All the other problems, all the other c-r-a-p just doesn’t matter