Long day today; left at 7:45 to take Chris to work, then to do errands which included grocery shopping at Sam’s and Wal-Mart, paid bills, lunch with a friend and chasing a 4 year old around. Christopher actually did really well today. We had an incident while at the Wal-Mart on Creighton Road. LaPage in the Produce Department was a life saver! I told her she earned jewels on her crown in Heaven…. I don’t know if she knew what that meant, but she was a jewel today.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record player, but I have to tell ya’ll just how much I am enjoying selling AVON! AVON offers many, many online courses to train its representatives. I have learned so much! The reason I started selling AVON was not because I was such an avid user of AVON products; in fact, I rarely used any AVON products prior to selling it! But, I had been praying, “Lord, if it is your will that I stay home with my children, then you will show me how I can bring in some extra income.” After weeks of praying, looking into AVON and Mary Kay, and Tupperware, I sensed the Lord pulling me towards AVON. The first day I signed up I started studying, asking questions and buying samples. I needed to find what products I wanted to use and liked. I am still trying many items and buying lots of samples, not only for me to try, but to give a way to try building my clientele. One thing I love about selling AVON is my website! I can have customer’s from across the world with the click of a button! Isn’t that cool? We have free shipping sales ALL THE TIME, so anybody that isn’t local can buy products from my online store and get the same benefit of a local rep and at no extra cost! My person web site is www.youravon.com/spaden. If you are reading this, and you have never tried any AVON products, please give it a try! AVON offers a 100% money back guarantee. IF, for any reason, you are not happy with any of our products, you are reimbursed, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Also, AVON’s start up cost is very little! For $10 you get a start up kit including campaign magazines, samples, all kind of information… it’s great! My website cost is $7.50 every campaign (bi-weekly); BUT with just one online order, I am reimbursed that cost. So far, I have had that fee reimbursed every campaign. If you are interested in earning a little extra money, I would love to share you more information about my AVON experience. You can email me at thepadens@cox.net.

I just got off the phone with my sister-in-law. She and her family are coming down a week early. My kids will be thrilled. Sheri’s kids will be staying over here at night as space is very limited at Lucie’s. Lucie came through the surgery well. Hopefully the surgery will stop the tremors in her hand/arm and the numbness in her feet/toes.

OK, thinking of feeding everybody Saturday is starting to stress me out and I have a house to clean for kids to be here every night. I feel my stress level rising.

More Later.