OK, these pictures are from Mammow’s visit the first week of June! I know, I know… what is wrong with me?! Usually I have pics up immediately; but, life’s circumstances took priority.

For some reason, my blogger won’t let me arrange my pictures, so you are looking at these from the end, to the beginning! Sorry about that. If you are like me, and you like to see things in proper time order, just scroll down and then scroll up! My favorite pictures are of Mammow painting Kaitlyn’s finger nails and toe nails! It was very overwhelming and such a blessing. These pictures are priceless. Enjoy!

Ok, scroll down three…see Kaitlyn and Uncle Jon… Kaitlyn would have NOTHING to do with Uncle Jon the entire time he was here! Finally, as he is leaving, she decides to give him a hug. She gives a partial hug and then takes off…. cute:)

We celebrated dad’s birthday while he was here! Woohoo!!

The kids decorated:)