Just a quick note to say Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there, including my own and my children’s dad. I’m thankful I still have my dad here to tell him personally just how much he means to me. I’m thankful for my husband who is home with us, with his children, night after night. They count on that. I’m thankful for all the dad’s that have played the “dad” role in my life and in my daughter’s life. Dad Ross in Christian City was my day to day dad for six years; he has been a “dad” to many, many girls and boys in his life time. Thanks dad Ross. I’m thankful for Robert Lloyd who really taught me the Bible in Sunday School. I could always count on him to clarify and correct. I’m thankful for Eddie Echarri, who is with Jesus now, who not only helped me to grow spiritually, but also loved on my Kayla. I’ll never forget him taking her to one of the “Father/Daughter” banquets at Olive. He even had a corsage delivered to the house for her. I’m thankful for so many of the Godly men through The Most Excellent Way Ministry at Olive that stepped up to the plate and loved on Kayla through the beginning (and still) of my recovery process from Alcohol issues; Mike Morain, Stan Lollar, Mike Crawford….these men stood in the gap for her. Thank you. I’m also so thankful for my Pappow Bruntlett who loved me enough to tell me like it was and wake me up. My Pappow has Alzheimer’s and has no clue who I am right now, but, I know what he has done for me, and I am thankful for that with all my heart. I miss him. I am also thankful for Pappow Tyler who passed away some years ago. Pappow took care of my mom when she was struggling after a divorce from dad. I’m thankful for that.

Today, while I am thankful for all I’ve mentioned, I’m especially thankful for my husband, who loves Kayla like she was his. That’s a tough thing to do. It was me and Kayla for over 11 years. We had things “fixed” just the way we like it, the “WHAM,” the love bug strikes! I think it took us all by surprise! He provides for her, pays for her medical and dental insurance, he is doing the things that her biological father has never done. For that I am eternally grateful.

Today is also a hard day for so many as their dad’s aren’t here anymore. While I have not experienced this pain specifically, my only thoughts are that there is a “Father in Heaven” that loves and adores you. If you don’t know Him today, email me. I’d love to introduce you to Him!

Blessings to you today.