Today I am so struggling with worry. I am torn between two people that I love with all my heart, that just can’t seem to get along. Neither one can do anything right in the other’s eye. I didn’t sleep much last night because of it. What to do, what to do?

Chris is recovering from sinus surgery. He worked for 3 hours on Thursday and 4 1/2 hours on Friday. He gets really tired easily, which is to be expected after major surgery. His tummy is still causing some serious problems. He drank some chocolate milk last night and literally thought he was dying. He has a three hour gall bladder test on Monday. We hope to find out if that is what is causing him all the problems.

Kayla is enrolled in the Home School Co-Op Program for her Senior year that meets at Olive. She’s not thrilled, but I am just not able to do her justice with all the health issues and life issues going on. I’m excited for her as she will have involvement in other kids. I’m also signing up for the home school support group…WFHESL so she will have field trips, meet other kids, take part in a graduation ceremony and prom. That’s probably more important for me for her to have than it is to her, but something that I believe is necessary.

We are under a heat wave warning this weekend. Tomorrow’s high is 99 degrees! It’s been miserable. Dread that heat index….

We haven’t figured out what we are going to do for Father’s Day for Chris. He is so limited to what he can eat, so we’ll just play it by ear.

We actually have no where at all to be today, first time in I don’t know how long. I have a few pies/casseroles to make for a lady at church, oh and one AVON delivery….. so I do have stuff to do, but nothing that is pressed and rushing. Nice.

I still have many, many pictures to post from Mammow’s visit to Pensacola, the kids playing in their kiddie pool and just some odds and end pictures…. it just takes so long to upload them. I will work on them some this evening though.

Time for “AskAida” on food network! We have like the most basic of cable, so how we get the Food Network is beyond me, but I’m thankful. She’s really good and teaches much information!

Gotta get my chickens roasting for my pies. Oh, I have almost 7 days of “Give-A-Way’s” lined up for the week of July 25th marking six months to Christmas! Make sure you check back for the schedule.

Have a great Saturday wherever you are!