I’ve been praying about my book a lot lately. I am being bombarded by friends and family about when I will have it finished and if I am even working on it. I have sensed the Lord taking my book in a new direction. I am not at liberty to share my life as a child, which is why I went the route of a devotional book; however, daily, several times a day, I have sensed the Lord telling me to share my life story. So, I am working on my book, telling my story as a young adult, making stupid decisions involving drugs, alcohol, affairs, ….. and what brought me to the point of coming to know the Lord, and some of the journey’s He has taken me on since giving my life to Him on October 19, 1998. I again, ask your prayers for this. I struggle with thinking about the millions of people who have given their life to the Lord, so why would someone want to read about my struggles and life…. what’s so different about my life…. anyway, that’s what I’m struggling with. I just want to share the hope that there is in Christ. That’s the goal I believe that has been set before me.

Proverbs 16:9 tells me a man’s heart plans his way, BUT the Lord directs his steps. I want my plans to be in sync with the Lord’s plans and I want His desires for my life to be my desires.

Taking the kids to the Summer Movies at the Rave this morning. Thankful the Rave offers these FREE movies every week! Give the kids a nice outing, and again, IT’S FREE! Woohoo!

I am so enjoying selling AVON. I am learning more and more every day. I even find myself watching other advertisements about other products to compare, research and question. This is so not me. I have never cared about what moisturizer works with what skin…. or what color goes with what skin type. I am having a blast with it. You can sign into my AVON site and do a free beauty profile.

Also, I am lining up some GREAT give-a-ways for a WEEK of GIVE-A-WAYS in July to celebrate “Christmas In July!” My Pastor, Ted Traylor is donating a couple of his CD sets, I’ve contacted several others music CD’s, some Mary Kay products, and, of course, AVON products! I’ll give you the dates once I have everything lined up. I hope you will keep checking back with me. I have had several people contact me saying they couldn’t leave comments on my blog because of the “security code” problems. IF you have problems leaving comments on my blog, please email me at thepadens@cox.net so I can address this problem BEFORE the give-a-way!

Gotta get ready for our FREE MOVIE at the RAVE! Woohoo!