Pace High School VS Satan

Please take a minute to pray for Frank Lay, Principal of Pace High School in Santa Rosa County, along with the student body. You can red about current events on my Pastor’s blog (Ted Traylor,) my husband’s blog (, and Pensacola News Journal.

My Pastor has also been asked to “fill in” for tomorrow’s Baccalaureate for Tate High School. I don’t believe it was a last minute “fill in,” I believe it was the Lord’s plan all along.

Please pray for our nation, continue praying for our President, pray for our school boards, pray for our teachers, principals, for our students.

4 thoughts on “Pace High School VS Satan

  1. Melody said Pace Assembly was packed tonight when Mr. Lay, Pastor Traylor, Pastor Rogers and two Pace High seniors spoke boldly about their faith and their determination to stand firm in their public prayer life, whether at church, in a restaurant or at school! I’m especially pleased to see the spiritual growth in her that this commotion has brought about. Julie Cameron


  2. With respect, has it occurred to anyone that while it is permissible to practice one's faith, that not all of us out here share your faith. Especially my children, who do not share this principals faith. They agreed not to pray in school, but they did it anyway. Dont I have a right to keep my child free of forced prayer.


  3. Hi Jocelyn, Thanks for your comment. Mr. Lay did not pray at a school event. This was a group of adults meeting on the property and it was a dinner blessing. That is it. There is always three sides to every story, "his side, her side and then there's the truth." That is because each person has their own perception of what is taking place. Thanks again for your comment.


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