Haven’t posted much…. between facebook, schoolwork, AVON and pies…I’m pooped. I told Chris tonight I’m exhausted! I’ll be glad when Kayla is through with school so I will be done with this homeschooling! Getting everything set up for AVON has had me going 90 to nothin’ also. I got a little office set up with files and such… ready to go.

We had a simple dinner, Chocolate Chip pancakes and Bacon. Chris had scrambled eggs and toast…he isn’t able to eat much….he is sure hurting awful bad. The gastro doc can’t do his procedures until June 3rd. I plan on calling Monday and asking to be put on a cancellation list.
Chris also sees the ENT on Wednesday for his follow up from the medications. He has had no improvement and his head is continuing to hurt daily…all the time with no relief. He has also developed pain in his joints. He’s really hurting bad. He puts on a face when he can; but I see the pain on his face.

Chris’ mother is having surgery also. We find out Monday when. She has three vertebrae in her neck that are smooshed…that’s my word for it ’cause I can’t remember the doctor’s term; anyway, she has had shakes in her right hand and her toes are going numb. They believe it is from the compression…that’s the word! If she doesn’t have the surgery she could eventually be paralyzed. Please be praying for her, for the doctor’s and nurses as well.

I got to feed several families tonight. I made some pies for two families that just had babies. Several others also bought pies. It just does something to my soul to know that I had the privilege of feeding somebody that was hungry…. I am continuing to pray for my own restaurant where I can feed people and market some of my casseroles.

Kaitlyn is in the bath singing. She makes everything a song. She’s so funny. She’ll walk around and instead of talking to us she will sing what she is trying to say. She makes up songs all day long.

Christopher is watching iCarley. He loves that show. He is getting so big. Today he corrected his daddy on some math… Chris said, “you’ve shared one and had one and something else, that’s 4!” Christopher said, “NO IT’S NOT, THAT’S 3!” He was praised for his smartness. I told him, “Christopher, you just did math, did you know that.” He said, “yeah” with the biggest cheesiest grin ever.

Kayla is on a date with Justin. Her agent, Bobby Duerr of BMD Models & Talent, sent her “comp” card to us the other day. It looks fabulous; like a porcelain doll. I don’t understand all the ins and outs of this industry. I feel like I am being a nuisance when I ask questions, but I just like to understand. That’s my “A” type personality…. I like to know the facts and ask a lot of questions. I also have a problem with waiting. Not a good problem to have in this industry. I’m just not sure where things go from here. I’m praying about it a lot; and continuously giving it over to the Lord because I don’t want to waste my energy worrying.

Not much else is going on. Just taking life one day at a time, one moment at a time. I am definitely loving AVON though! I am learning so much. I have never been one to know information about make up, what works and what doesn’t, but, I am learning and listening and asking those important questions. Already I am finding out what works best for certain type eye lashes, skin, lip texture…it’s amazing what is out there! I’m having a “Meet-N-Greet” type event on May 28th at the AVON Training Center. We’ll have samples available, different testers and jewelry on display. I’ll also have some snacky type foods and we’ll be playing the new AVON infomercial. I’m looking forward to it. I also have the privilege of catering a piano recital for my sweet friend on the 29th. I so love to feed people!

Gotta run wash a 3 year olds hair.

Bless you.