At 8:03 pm, SEVENTEEN years ago TODAY, my precious Kayla was born. She has had a rough life; no thanks to her mother’s poor choices; HOWEVER, she has taken those circumstances and turned them into jewels. I am very proud of the young woman Kayla has become. My hopes and prayers are that she will always stay grounded in the Word, that she would never compromise her integrity, and that this COURAGEOUS little girl would continue to teach her mom be courageous. I admire Kayla’s boldness most about her. She speaks openly about her faith and relationship with the Lord. I believe her friends respect that about her as well; they know where she stands and there is no compromise. Wow…. I can’t wait to sit on the sidelines and watch where and what the Lord continues to do in her life.

Happy, Happy Birthday Kayla!

I love you,