Hey ya’ll; haven’t updated on my little man in a while… kind of wishing, hoping the problems would disappear…yeah; right. Christopher started bouncing off the walls last week; violent; easily angered; once again….very emotional. We thought he was just having a bad week until it happened at school. Christopher freaks out over tight quarters and being cramped with people. Apparently there were two classes crammed together in music last week. Christopher kept telling someone to move and he wouldn’t; he couldn’t. He put his arms/hands around a boys neck. Now, he did apologize, and he knows what he did was wrong, but that doesn’t make it any better. We haven’t given him the medication since then. That was Thursday. He is a hyper little boy without medications, but he is calmer regarding anxiety. The teacher commented today on how nervous he always is and twitching and playing with his fingers. We’ll see. I am not sure at this point what we are going to do, if anything. I believe and serve a MIGHTY God that can do anything. IF He chooses to not heal my little Christopher, then He will give me the wisdom, knowledge, grace, dignity…everything I need to teach him and grow him up.

I have a call in to the doctor. We’ll talk with her this week.

Enjoying the rain today; especially since I don’t have to use MY water to water the garden! 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of the day!